Tongue Tied.

The title says it all. 

It is very apt that the title of my very first blog entry is also the title of my blog. It’s like a tribute. Some sort of a tribute to my efforts to finally having a blog.

It has been my dream to make my own blog and after countless days, months, years of procrastinations, I decided that for this year I’m gonna start to have an online diary of my life, where I can share my thoughts, dreams, frustrations, romanticism, cynicism, criticisms, fantasy, hopes and all other stuff that comes out of my brain.

2010 will be a perfect start for me to pursue one my passions in life which is writing. Countless instances have appeared to my life telling me that maybe, just maybe I am a born writer. or maybe just a frustrated one.

My love affair with writing started when I was in the 6th grade when I was assigned to write for the sports section of our schoolpaper, which is funny because I never been a sporty guy. I’m more of a geek than a jock but I was able to prove my worth when I was able to win different journalism contests for the sports category.

It continued when I was in high school. I was assigned as the class diarist and I was the official “documentator” of the what’s going ons of our section. My adviser even praised me that I write well. Well enough about this self-fulfilling prophecy. Though broadcast journalism was my first career choice in college, it didnt happen because of some parental issues and the abu sayaff.

My passion hibernated during college but once in a while it resurfaces. I did joinessay writing contests, did manage our departmental journal (which became a big running  joke to my batchmates). Then I started working and taking up my masters.

Once in a while the need for me to write arises (except for research and case study requirements, which is a drag!). So sometimes, i write poems, post some compositions in the different online networking sites, but still it’s not enough.

That’s why i decided to do my blog  this year. For the past years, I have been doing the other in my passions in life–counseling (i work as a counselor) and cooking (yes, im frustrated chef, i even joined a culinary competition), singing, acting and even dancing! So now, as some sort of a resolution, it’s time to get back to my first love. The love to write.

So now, im rekindling my writing love affair, and yes, it’s burning with the utmost passion.

And this time I’m ready.


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