Blushing over Pink

I love Pink. I love her songs, her musicality, and her edgy personality. She is not the cookie cutter type singer but instead, she defies the expectations of the music industry in general. Unfortunately, she is definitely one of the most underrated and unappreciated musical talents. Nevertheless, i love and adore her music.

Then last Monday, my love and respect for her, went up higher in the air. Just like her performance.

 Last Monday, I was able to watch the Grammy and her Glitter in the Air performance was so magical, awesome, and poetic (I can use more superlatives but I dont want this entry to be that long). I was really stuck by her perfomance I keep raving it on my networking sites, to my friends and repeatedly watching it over youtube. I can’t really move on on her beautiful performance, and as a proof, I am writing this blog entirely because of that.

Her artistry is brilliant and sorry to the fans of Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, but she is really a stand-out among them.

I would be a forever fan of Pink . And though her name stands for the less powerful color of the color wheel, definitely, she is more bolder than red, edgier than black and her talent is as good as gold.

Here’s the video of her perfomance during the Grammy from youtube:


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