The Love and Romance Showdown

February 14. It’s the day wherein red is the prevalent color in the air. Where countless love songs are tirelessly played for hours and hours in the radio and showbiz loveteams would lipsynch songs to each other in an extra faux sweeter way. The special day in which flower shops, chocolates confectionaries, cards restaurants, hotels (and even motels) would make a kicking in their businesses. The day that gals have a special excuse to devour chocolates and for the men to think of creative ways to impress and probably propose to their girls. the day where couples can freely flaunt their affection to each other without any receiving any snickers or raised eyebrows and the day where single people would either be extra envious, jealous or be contended on not having that special someone.

Ahh the day of love. Valentine’s Day.

I find it quite interesting that even though this is the day that we are supposed to exaggerate the showing of affection and love, we tend to associate it to a less powerful feeling or emotion which is romance. Thus the cards, flowers, chocolates, dates, sex, proposals, fleeting smiles and depression. If we look closely, we should be celebrating love, not just romance.

Romance is just a part of love. In fact it’s just under the umbrella of that four-letter word.

This might be the reason some single people would be all gloomy or fret on being part of the “solitude statistics”  because they think that this day is the celebration of having that special someone. Where in fact love is not just determined by having a partner but also by the people around him like his family or friends.

This might be the reason why couples would get disappointed celebrating this day because the  Valentine romance that they had in their mind didn’t happen at all. They failed to see the love and the effort that the partner had put into celebrating them being a couple.

So I hope that whoever would read this would have a clearer picture of Feb 14. I admit that had those same old thoughts and feelings before but I had this realization in the real meaning of commemorating the day of love which is appreciating and sharing the love and affection you have–whether your single or not.

So for singles out there celebrating February 14 could be in the form of simply hugging your parents, making your friends laugh, giving food to the hungry homeless man and maybe just by smiling and receiving your own happy times.

For the couples, it can be in the simple warmth of holding each other’s hand, the comforting shoulder you can lay your head on, the eyes you can stare for hours or just by saying “thank you” to your partner just for simply being there.

So February 14. It is the ultimate battle of love and romance. I already took my side on which to celebrate.

Now the bigger question is, what side will you be at this day?


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