Gone Too Soon (A Tribute to the TV shows that I love but unfortunately got the ax)

Being a bum for almost four months allowed me to have countless DVD marathons of various  tv series that I  love watching. From cartoons (The Simpsons, Family Guy) to reality shows (Survivor, Top Chef, America’s Next Top Model) to the series (Charmed, Desperate Housewives). Those months made me a couch potato and it brought back my love affair with the television. I was like a fool having a one-way crazy love affair with an inanimate object further worsened with my binging on junk foods.

And just like bad love affairs, it brought painful memories of the yesteryear-of the series that I painstakingly followed but got canceled because of low ratings. So let this be a tribute to the shows that I love but “died” young. Here are my five:

1. UGLY BETTY (will last for four seasons)

The latest victim of cancellation, Ugly Betty is one of the few series that really captures the essence of dramedy. Filled with touching and witty lines, crazy and heartwarming scenes; this show stands out among the others because it has the heart and sincerity which others fail to deliver. The way it tackles career, love, family, friendship and personal matters is a reflection of what we encounter in our everyday lives and it makes the viewers relate to the situations that the characters face in every episode. Cheers t Ugly Betty for showing that beauty is not just solely based on appearance or in this case, a title.

2.POPULAR (lasted 2 seasons)

Before Glee, there was Popular. Also produced by Ryan Murphy, this is show is similar to Glee minus the musical numbers. Set up in a high school setting and revolves around the battle of the populars and the wallflowers, it tackles the issues of the youth like sex, drugs, belongingness, pregnancy in a more humorous and witty way. I know Glee is brilliant but this is even brighter (for me). Who couldn’t forget the bitchy cheerleader Nicole who’s like the teen version of Sue and the ever funny socialite Mary Cherry? Lots of laugh out loud and touching moments. And up to now, questions still surround my mind on what if the show continued and not abruptly cut off just like how fast Brooke was hit by a car driven by Nicole in the series finale.. (Trivia: Jane Lynch appeared on one of the episodes of Season 2. )

3. GROSSE POINTE (lasted for one season)

A series created to parody teen tv shows. It’s one of those  series w/in a series and it tells the story of what happens in the lives of these “famous” teens stars once the camera stops rolling. The cattiness, desperate moves, the affairs and secret obsessions of these actors were shown in a humorous light. If you are a sucker for showbiz gossips and scandals, then watching Grosse Pointe puts you in the middle of it without the  stink and blood of course.

4. PUSHING DAISIES (lasted for 2 seasons)

Oh who can’t forget this whimsical series about a pie maker named Ned who has the ability to resurrect the dead? This show is like the lovechild when CSI, Willy Wonka and Alice in Wonderland had a threesome. Filled with fascinating characters like Emerson, the sarcastic private investigator; Olive who sings her romantic frustrations away; Chuck the ever wide-eyed ladylove of Ned, and the cuckoo crazy aunts of Chuck, Vivian and Lily. Plus Digby and Pigby! How I miss watching the comic-book like quality of the show, the musical numbers (Morning has Broken is one of the best of the show) and chuckling on its funny scenes. How I wish Ned could magically touch this show for it to become alive and kicking once again.

5. BOSTON PUBLIC (lasted four seasons)

I’m more of a dramedy kind of guy and this being in my list says something. This show about a public school is one of the few heavy dramas that I really followed. Perhaps because I work in an educational institution so I can see and relate with the struggles of teachers in dealing with their students. It has an all-star star cast and the performances are riveting and poignant.

Sigh. These are the shows that will be forever embedded on my psyche. It’s sad to see them go but what pains me more is that there are more shows deserving to be axed because of its worthless, pointless and tiresome plots and actors (ahem Smallville, Heroes, One Tree Hill to name a few). But in the ratings game, it relies solely on the numbers it produced. And too bad the ones who appreciate the heart, the wit and the charm of these shows are not that much.

Indeed, good things end young but if there is one consolation from the untimely cancellation of these shows is at least they left us during their prime and they wont turn to be jaded  in the future. And I know, that is how they want to be remembered.


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4 responses to “Gone Too Soon (A Tribute to the TV shows that I love but unfortunately got the ax)

  • gillboard

    i didn’t know that Ugly Betty was already cancelled. And amen to Boston Public and Pushing Daisies. These were some of the better and addictive shows that ran on air during the days they were shown.

  • victor

    Amen to all that. Especially Pushing Daisies. I’m hoping a movie adaptation would push through. That would be a riot.

  • Flor

    hey i love 3 here!!! ugly betty, popular and pushing daisies. i love pushing daisies best. i could watch it repeatedly and not lose my love for it. it’s sad and i wish there’d be a movie. i also think kristin chenoweth shows her real comedic and singing talent here than in glee.

    i love popular too bbut that was a long time ago..

    i also love love love ugly betty. i feel bad that they seem like to wrap up the show in a hurry.

    thanks for this wonderful list!!!


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