Bloody Heck!

Majority of the people in this world tend to dislike towards blood. Some would faint, some would vomit, some would hyperventilate just the plain sight of it. I’m an exception of that fact.

I have lots of bloody encounter, no pun intended, as I grow up. I once got my fingers cut when it was stuck on a broken window. I had a series of lancets poking me when I had H-fever (it’s now known as dengue). I clumsily cut myself during a “hostage-taking” role play during our biology class. I even had proven the truth behind the idiomatic expression, stone throw, when I accidentally hit my playmate with a sharp stone in his forehead.  And due to my impulsive mind, I donated blood for red-cross when I was in college.

My latest bloody encounter was two weeks ago, when I rushed to the side of a friend dear to my heart (clue: he’s often included in some of the entries in my blog) when he asked for helped because his sister needs blood donors due to dengue. To cut the story short, I got my blood tested, I passed and I could be a donor again (yey for me!) and oh, his sister recovered without any blood transfusion at all.

Not all of us have the guts to donate blood. Some would be shaken with just the sight of long needles pricking your veins. But believe me, the pain is nothing compared to the benefits you’ll reap from it.

I wrote this not to convince people to donate blood, but maybe, just to consider it as an option in the future. Why? Here are the reasons:

1. there MIGHT be some freebies – yes, for all the cheapskate out there, some organizations would give free gifts like shirt, sticker, poster and foods as a token of your generosity. shame on me, because that was my primary reason when i first shared blood. i got tempted by the free stuff. oh well granted, i was still quite immature then…which leads me to the second reason,

2. humanity– goodwill and all, donating one’s blood is one act of selflessness. an ounce of blood might save someone’s life from danger. it can also heal wounds that can’t be healed by betadine or any gauze. I’m talking about wounds created by conflicts and heartbreaks. you see, this special friend of mine were involved in an argument way, way back and i was afraid that our budding friendship will be forgotten. and when i learned that he need donors, i immediately volunteered. i was so tempted to get even at him by not showing up, but humanity prevailed and decided to take the higher road…it then lead to reconcilatory bond…see? blood can also bond…(plus points to the rhyme)

3. it will show how healthy you are – it has been five years since i donated blood and if i remember it right, my lifestyle had a complete 180 degrees turn after it…i was no more the good boy and though i was tempted to donate blood again before, i was scared because it might confirm my hypochondriac fears that i might discover that i have an incurable disease after the blood screening, that was why im avoiding it. but blood donation requires you to screen your blood first of all the known diseases out there like hepatitis, HIV and allergy. and if you passed, that means you are free from those threats..and since i wrote this, i guess you’d know what were my results..

4. it can conquer your fears. this will be your own fear factor. we all know that some avoid this because they are afraid of blood, afraid of needles or maybe they are afraid of the confirmation of their fears (please refer to item no 3). i had this attitude before of finding security of not knowing because sometimes truth is more hurtful than a wound. but cliché as it may seem, truth will indeed set you free. there was a time that i was avoiding to donate blood again because it might be the confirmation of my fears that i am sick. Undergoing this donation process again forced me to face it, and imagine my relief that i am healthy, just a hypochondriac.

5. it is GOOD for you. need to say more? it’s good for your body…i remember i was told that donating blood is good for our system because it will replenish our blood. it’s like our internal organs would have a car wash of some sort…and we all need that once in a while…

i hope these reasons are good enough for you to somehow consider donating blood.

you just have to remember that for a few minutes of pain, it will yield a life time of goodness.

so let that blood start flowing..


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