The Top Ten Life Lessons Worth Learning



People have been saying that this is a lucky day since this only happens once in a millenia. No wonder lots of events are being held this very moment, cause this triple threat of numbers might serve as a charms for destiny to shower us with luck.

Now, if there’s one thing 10-10-10 had brought me, it’s the inspiration of creating this entry about the top ten life lessons that had helped me throughout the years: the ones that had helped me in facing my day, in surviving life’s challenges and in cultivating the maturity I thought I never have.

I would not claim and preach that you follow all of this because this might not be effective for all but these might be worth considering:

1) Cliche as it may sound, believe in destiny. Things happen for a reason, whether good or bad. We tend to question why such things happen to us, but have we ever asked, “why not?“.

2) Try to save money. Always save up at least 5%-7% of your salary and work around the remaining amount for all of your expenses. I swear this has been effective in helping me become frugal without the hassles.

3) It never fails to unwind with your colleagues after a weeklong workload. Trust me, it is a good stress buster. Whether a night out, eat out, videoke nights or lasertag, having your own social support at work helps you to survive the pressures from your work.

4) Though we are already settled in a certain profession, it doesn’t mean that you do not have the rights to pursue your avocations and passions in life. Being in a box up world of job descriptions should not stop you from pursuing your “other” interests in life. I am a counselor by profession, but I still pursue my love for cooking by joining culinary competitions and my passion for writing by blogging.

5) Always keep the virtue of goodwill and sharing alive. Share goodness and compassion among the people and the animals around you and the environment. even those who have hurt you! It brings that extra feeling of satisfaction in your life. Make someone smile. Donate blood. It’s up to you on how to make the world a better place in your own little way.

6) Remember and reminisce the past. You’ll never know how those nostalgic feelings would put a smile not just on you but the people around you.  Share stories and memories from the past. It is a good way of collectively gathering fun and happy experiences. The perfect sample? The #sentisabado sensation that rocked the whole twitter world by storm a month ago.

7) True friendship or other relationships cannot be established by a social networking site. There are bonds and interactions in life that tagging nor linking nor following can’t do.  Met someone over the net? Don’t get excited that much for it might lead you to heartbreaks and loss. The best way of building and maintaining a relationship is the face-to-face conversations. It makes you feel more secure and warmth than the networking site.

8) Expectation can be as tempting as an opportunity or as devastating as a failure. What to do? Just be wise and keen in handling one to avoid being pulled in the emotional drain in the future. Do not expect too much. The more you expect, the more chances you might feel hurt and get disappointed when things don’t go your way. Just take it slow.

9) The true essence of forgiveness is not by forgetting and later on blame the people who have wronged you and despise them for creating the emotional wreck you had become before but instead, thanking them  for the strength they had instilled in you.  I know it is hard not to hate someone but at the end of day, you will realize that yes, they might have hurt you before but the also had contributed n making you a stronger and better person.

10) Despite experiencing sufferings, hurt and heartbreaks, and being a victim of life’s bitchy ways, never dwell on self-pity. You are lowering yourself to others which makes you be unfair yo yourself. Despite the dramas we meet in life it is better to keep our head held up high, put on a smile and battle them face on rather than just quit and cry about it. It is okay to cry for a bit but NOT to the point that you think you are the victim of the world and you needed to be saved. Come on, we are our OWN heroes in this world and is up to us on how to overcome those hardships in life.

We are a work in progress. Everyday, we learn lessons from the world’s greatest course–life and classroom–our world.

We gain insights from the greatest teacher of it all–experience.

And most of all, wisdom is achieved by life’s day to day students which is, US.

But we have to remember that it is up to us if we are going to use the learnings that we have for our own advantage.

So what’s your top ten?


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