of unlikely friendships and tearjerkers

friendships. we all have it. we all treasure it.

it said that friends are the family that we choose for ourselves because we know that they are the ones who truly understand us because of the common bond we have with them.

lots of friendships have been portrayed over the years in films. some are touching and some are downright annoying. so i would say that im not the type of who will watch sentimental films about friendships because it’s kinda cheesy for me and i don’t weep that easily.

however, these are the friendships films that really touched me deeply. made me unexpectedly cry a bucket of tears. and had me reeling with bittersweet feelings after a few days of watching it.

ironically, these films are not the usual “my friend is a human being friend”. but explored the friendships that extend over humanity, in the form of animals and other inanimate stuff.

Here are they:

1. Toy Story 3

this this film ranks in one of my all time favorite films. i liked this film so much i even posted a blog entry about this.

2. Hachiko

i find films about dogs corny (except for beethoven and 101 dalmatians) but this is different. it is based from a true story in Japan way,way back the early 1930s and it tells the story of unwavering loyalty of a dog to his master. loyalty to the point of  he can put our BFFs into shame. oh how  i wish, we all have these hachis in our lives.

3. Charlotte’s Web

five things i enjoyed about these film: 1.wilbur is the new babe. 2. big spiders are not that really scary. 3. all star cast. 4. love sara mclachlan’s ordinary miracle. 5. i just love the film

4. Wonangsori (Old Partner)

i just happened to watch this film recently. it is a korean documentary film about the strong bond of a farmer and his ox that lasted for forty years. with its simplicity, it really tugged my heart for days and days and days.

i suggest you watch all these films. it had it given perspective about valuing friendship, treasuring loyalty and keeping the faith in our friends. yeah, they maybe a bit bittersweet, but the sweetness will eventually overpower that tinge of sadness.


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