the “x” diaries

If you think this entry is about my past love affairs, I am sorry this is not.

My apologies if I had fooled you but this is more on the “X” that I loved ever since my childhood days, the X-Men. Blame it on X-Men First Class.

Last Monday, I watched the highly anticipated X-Men: First Class, and what can I say? I was like transported to my childhood days of being amazed and excited with the fight scenes, being emotionally affected by their back stories and being  envious of their mutant powers. And within two hours, they brought back the X-Men geek in me.

I had the X side-effects: I began reading again net articles about them, watched the original cartoon series in Youtube and I even made my own set of mutant teams! Yes, I am that of a fan!

Meet the “EXES”:





Powers: Has the ability to absorb and imitate the molecular composition of what he touches and use it for defense and attacks. He also has the ability to absorb energy with his hands and transfer it to his sword to cause massive damage.









Powers: Proficient in archery, she has the ability to hit targets from a far distance.  She can also create plasma arrows by transferring her energy force to her bows which can disintegrate objects, create injuries and temporarily paralyze enemies.









 Powers: Has the ability to convert his body into stone which gives him super strength, durability and force. He can create tectonic movements  and can control rocks for his defense.








 Powers: Her skin is covered with scales which give her agility and protection from blasts and other energy attacks. She also small claws that can emit venom to immobilize her opponents. Her heightened senses which give her tremendous capability to assess and adapt to the environment she is in.








 Powers: Has animal like abilities of speed, healing, agility, reflexes stamina and strength. He also can create retractable claws from his bones which can slice and cut through objects.











 Powers: Has angel-like wings that give her the ability of flight. She also has the ability of hypnotic suggestions, creating illusions and create alternative realities. Her wings also give her the power of healing herself and others from damages and injuries.









 Powers: Can create various heat energy in his hands which he can use as blasts, fields and bombs. The heat energy also gives him the force to propel in the air gaining him flight and energy shields.







 Powers: A trained ninja, she has the ability of speed, dexterity and stealth. She also has the ability to control shadows and use it to blind, attack or hide. She is an expert in hand skills and always has a wooden stick which she uses in fighting. She also uses the stick to emit her shadow energies which can temporary create hysteria to anyone who had a contact with it.





So they are my dream team of mutants.

If there is one thing X-Men gave us it is the desire to have mutant powers. We all want to have special abilities, be it strength, intelligence, weather control, optic blasts, psionic blades, flight, telekenesis and whatever our minds wish for. Sadly it’s just mere fiction and we just have to rely with our imagination.

However, if we look beyond the fictional powers, we can see that mutants are just like us. We all want to be accepted, we all wanted to belong and we wanted to be treated fairly no matter what we look, act and think.

And with this superficial world we are in, we are mutants in our own special way, struggling for acceptance and tolerance and just like them, we just have to keep on fighting.


(Note: If you want to create your own mutants, try visiting this site:

and if you want to further enhance the X-Men geek in you, you’re in for a treat with this website:






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