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Stuffed Toy Story

We all have been in these kind of situations. We met someone, we enjoyed their company, we like the way it made us smile but when they begin drifting away without any clear explination, we would feel devastated.

Im a poster boy for this, and a recent experience made me inspired to do a photostory about this.

TITLE: Hello, Goodbye, See You Soon

Starring: Marky as himself; Vicvic as himself; Red Teddy Bean Bear

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Scripwriter: Mark I.

Producer: Mark I

Directed by: Mark I.

Enjoy watching..:)


Chronicles of Marky

Meet Marky.

He has been my imaginary pet/friend cow, way, way back in college. It was a fitting pet for me since I was born in the year of the ox and obviously, he is. Plus the fact that he was named by a special girl when I was in college.

With the help of a “borrowed” SLR camera, Marky decided to pose for some shots and boy, he smized like the rent is due tomorrow!

Here’s the sample of his portfolio…


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And here are his individual shots:

Feel free to comment.

Since I am his manager, I DO accept bookings.

from the eyes of a color challenged ant.

black and white close-up shots….

The Day my Lens Went Pessimistic

I never thought that  my being quite of a negastar would rub off some in my camera. So now, I must change the half-empty world view of mine….